National Cryogenics

Welcome to National Cryogenics, a leading designer and manufacturer of top-quality cryogenic equipment, shrink-fit equipment, and tempering ovens. Our cutting-edge cryogenic processors are designed to treat metals, improving their wear characteristics and relieving residual stresses. If you're looking to increase the wear resistance and permanently relieve stress in your metals, our cryogenic treatment process is the solution you need.

National Cryogenics specializes in providing reliable and high-performance equipment and tempering ovens, designed to withstand heavy-duty usage while prioritizing durability, serviceability, and accuracy. We offer a range of existing equipment options and provide personalized custom build cryogenic unit solutions through consultation with our team of specialists. As pioneers in the field of cryogenics, National Cryogenics continues to advance the field through its cutting-edge Vari-Cold™ technology, developed through intensive research, and a team of skilled metallurgists and consultants.


  • Cryogenic systems consulting

  • Cryogenic testing

  • Cryogenic processor integration

  • Wear and metals consulting

  • Wear and metals testing